Hellenic Agri Group make positive steps forward

26 Σεπτεμβρίου, 2018
Hellenic Agri Group make positive steps forward

The newly formed Hellenic Agri Group are making waves in the sugar industry marketplace. Innovation Brain, the company behind Hellenic Agri Group, have recently submitted an offer to buy the entire production of sugar, molasses and pulp from this year’s production to support a successful campaign to secure payments to the farmers.


It is harvest time and the weather conditions are ideal. The sugar beet harvest should produce a very good crop for this season. It looks like a good start for the new era.


Due to health and safety concerns, we are advising EBZ to store the beet for a week or two to allow the factory to be fully equipped and employees trained on hazardous matters for a cost efficient and safe production.


There is more good news as Hellenic Agri are also about to sign significant contracts for a total sum of up to 100,000MT of sugar for the local Greek market.


Lukas Fecker, CEO of Innovation Brain comments “This is excellent news for EBZ, with each kilo sold we will be able to gain the market share back for Greek production in the years to come. We are making a strong and positive start to the newly formed Hellenic Agri Goup. Our sales targets have been set extremely high and we aim to reach or exceed the sales targets. We are focused on the sales to help drive the company forward and bring it back to black.”


Dr Fecker also confirmed that Hellenic Agri and another group of companies are successful in other countries. Based on this, the companies have secured much more significant funding to allow for sugar purchases well beyond the Greek borders. The company operates businesses in Greece, Serbia and Switzerland, buying and selling sugar. With this reach, it allows us to offer our customers a healthy mix of products at very competitive pricing.