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Window on Greek Olive Oil World Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

What does an American from Pennsylvania have to do with Greek olive oil?

EU announces emergency measures to save east Baltic cod

The EU Commission announced emergency measures to save the eastern Baltic cod stock from impending collapse Tuesday, banning commercial fishing for cod in most of the Baltic Sea till end 2019.

EU sets out plan to combat deforestation

The EU Commission issued a Communication on deforestation and forest degradation Tuesday, setting out a much-needed plan of action to address the EU's significant contribution to global deforestation

E-commerce still vulnerable to VAT and customs duty evasion: EU auditors

Many challenges in collecting correct amounts of VAT and customs duties on e-commerce remain to be resolved, according to a report from the European Court of Auditors published on Tuesday.

Poverty Alleviated by Agriculture in Uganda

Uganda is a nation that has made considerable progress in lifting its people out of poverty. A study conducted by the World Bank has found that from 2006 to 2013.

New EU dispute resolution for double taxation in force

New rules to ensure more effective resolution of tax disputes between EU Member States came into force Monday, offering more tax certainty for businesses and individuals experiencing double taxation issues.

EU agrees aid package for Irish beef producers

EU Member States agreed Thursday to make EUR 50 million available to support Irish beef farmers, which can be matched by national funds to reach a maximum of EUR 100 million.

EU increases aid to Europe's beekeeping sector

The European Commission announced Monday it is to provide EUR 120 million to the EU's beekeeping sector over the next three years, in order to support its essential role in agriculture and the environment.

EU approves unprecedented cuts to single-use plastics

EU ministers gave final approval Tuesday to new laws to tackle marine litter coming from single-use plastic products found on European beaches, as well as abandoned fishing gear and oxo-degradable plastics.

Abundant Supplies are Forecast for the Coming Crop Year in the U.S. and Around the World

It’s a new year at USDA, at least for those of us forecasting agricultural commodity markets.

USDA: Continues to Implement Program Changes to Benefit Farmers

Earlier this week, I was honored to meet with members of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters here at USDA headquarters.