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MEPs move to reduce permitted sugar content in baby foods

Draft EU rules that would allow baby foods to continue to contain up to three times more sugar than is recommended.

School milk and fruit: agriculture MEPs promote healthy eating

A healthy, balanced diet is the foundation of good health but the consumption of fruit.

Europe Wheat Seen at Risk From Frost as Record Heat Spurs Growth

European wheat is seen at risk after record-high temperatures in November and December accelerated growth and delayed the onset of winter dormancy, leaving plants vulnerable to any cold snap in the spring.

Resurgence in global wood production

Global production of all major wood products is showing its largest growth since the global economic downturn of 2008-2009.

FAO warns that recent torrential rains and cyclones could favour locust surge

In part due to the impact of El Nino in Africa and the tropical cyclones Chapala and Megh in the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa.

FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries

From responsible fishing practices to handling, labelling and trade, the code covers virtually all aspects of the fishing industry .

ENA:Xyella fastidiosa

ENA is strongly in favor of the robust measures adopted by the EC to avoid the import of infected plants into the European countries,

World deforestation slows down as more forests are better managed

The world's forests continue to shrink as populations increase and forest land is converted to agriculture and other uses.

Agriculture committee opposes national bans on Imports of GM food and feed

The agriculture committee on Thursday rejected the Commission's draft law that would give member states the power to restrict or prohibit .

Hot water treatment of Vitis sp. for Xylella fastidiosa

For grapevine, HWT to eliminate the Grapevine flavescence dorée phytoplasma.

Open-access database will help water-scarce countries get more crop per drop

A new open-access data portal to be developed by FAO will use satellite imagery to help water-scarce countries.