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Global Food Price Index falls in June, cereal production is forecast

Despite better prospects, the Near East faces an escalating humanitarian crisis

EU farmers and agri-cooperatives victim of international politics

EU farmers and agri-cooperatives victim of international politics faced with Russian export ban: action vital, Copa and Cogeca warns at high-level conference

Milk, fruit, vegetables: help farmers earn fair incomes and resist market shocks

We must encourage growers to join producer organisations so as to increase their bargaining power.


The G20 Agriculture Ministers, are committed to meeting the challenge of global food security and nutrition for an expected world population of nine billion by 2050

New Research Report for Greek Mountain Tea

Brunswick Labs Report Highlights Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Microbial and Gastro-Protective Properties from Herbal Infusion of Sideritis Plant

Sheepmeat and goatmeat

Sheepmeat and goatmeat belong to the products covered by the Single Common Market Organisation.

FAO food price index declines further in February, led by sugar

Lower prices for cereals, meat and especially sugar more than offset an increase in milk and palm oil prices.

Europe sounds alarm over freshwater pollution

Around half of Europe’s rivers and lakes are still polluted

Rural Development Programmes

18 programmes will see funding worth 14.3 billion EUR from the EU budget