Agro World News

Hellenic Agri Group make positive steps forward

The newly formed Hellenic Agri Group are making waves in the sugar industry marketplace.

Gateway to Greek Olive Oil Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

And so Greek Liquid Gold was born, and it grew and thrived.

HSI and Innovation Brain sign agreement

Issuance of the formal banking and regulatory approvals is imminent and the transaction is widely supported by the banks, government, local partners and farmers.

Glyphosate: safety of residue levels reviewed

EFSA has completed its review of the maximum levels of glyphosate that are legally permitted to be present in food.

Danone Sends 5,000 Cows to Siberia in Quest for Cheaper Milk

President Vladimir Putin’s ban on European Union cheese imports has driven up milk prices in Russia ,

EU launches in-depth probe into Bayer-Monsanto deal

Brussels has launched an in-depth probe into German chemical giant Bayer’s $66bn purchase of Monsanto.

Farmers Scramble to Adapt to Volatile Weather

Among the tools: no-till farming, misting and faster planting

Reinforcing control efforts amid outbreak of avian influenza in China

A resurgent outbreak of a new strain of avian influenza that can be lethal for humans underscores.

Give rabbits more space, urge Agriculture Committee MEPs

Public health goes hand in hand with animal health, which depends inter alia on housing conditions, good animal husbandry and management, says the text.

Food commodity prices fall for fifth year in a row in 2016

Prices of major food commodities declined for the fifth year in a row in 2016, averaging 161.6 points for the year as a whole