Sussex farmer distraught after 18 sheep massacred overnight

A Sussex farmer says he is devastated after dogs jumped into a fenced field overnight and killed 18 of his sheep.

The massacre happened sometime between 1am and 4am on Friday 20 November at Pegden House Farm in Nash Lane, Scaynes Hill.

Distraught farmer Richard Grover said all but two of the 20 sheep he had in the field were killed, their remains left scattered around the field boundary for his son, David, to discover early on Friday morning.

Mr Grover told Farmers Weekly: “It must have been at least two big dogs and they were hungry, because they ate some of the sheep. They ripped pieces from their legs, noses and backs.

“I am devastated and upset. I feel sorry for the sheep; David found them so badly mauled.

“Twelve were dead and we had to put six to sleep. It is probably about £1,600 of stock and then there will be the vet’s bill.”

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