The Greek Bakery: Bread & So Much More

The Greek bakery -fournos in Greek- is much more that a place to get the daily bread: it is a true haven of delicious treats and a meeting point at every neighbourhood and village throughout Greece.The fournos provides the day’s bread, milk, snacks and pastries; it provides baking services for home prepared meals; it is the best place to start your day in Greece.Whether to get one of the many different baked goods or  to simply get a taste of everyday Greek life, a visit to a fournos is not to be missed. The smell of freshly baked bread will lead you – follow your nose!

Bread is staple food in all Greek meals, and the variety is virtually unparalleled: wheat, rye, corn, oat or wholegrain bread, round, flat or braided, leavened, crusty, with sesame seeds, spiced with herbs, with feta and olives and so much more.

On top of that, dozens of different types of bread sticks, rusks and  short breads, and koulouri (the Greek equivalent of pretzel), and in different flavours as well. But the fournos is also THE place to get breakfast or a snack, anytime of day.

The delicious Greek pies (pites) are the most popular snacks. Tyropita (cheese pie) and spanakopita (spinachpie) are staples, each bakery prepares different filling versions, according to season, tradition and local produce, including ham, sausage, leek, chicken, eggplant, olives etc  Fournos is also rich with pastry goods: their star products are "koulourakia" and "voutimata", cookies in many flavours and biscotti to dip into coffee, while a variety of seasonal cakes and sweets are also to be found on the fournos’ shelves and baskets. Most bakeries also offer an assortment of freshly-cut sandwiches.



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