Copa and Cogeca's preliminary reaction to the agreement found on the CAP

After three years of complicated negotiations and an uncountable number of trilogues, we welcome the fact that negotiators have finally reached a provisional political agreement on the future CAP today in Brussels. We should highlight the hard work done by the Portuguese Presidency as well as the key role played by the European Parliament's rapporteurs.


This provisional compromise reached today represents an unprecedented challenge for the EU farming community, as the negotiators for the Parliament rightly indicated. Work will need to continue to translate this in technical terms and then secondary legislation needs to be developed to guarantee a swift and timely implementation of the CAP.


There are still many concerns for the sector, particularly regarding the overall coherence of the agreement reached with other EU policies. This morning, farmers from all over Europe reiterated the need for urgent work to be done by the Commission, during a symbolic mobilisation, notably to make sure that the compromise found will be coherent at a national level but above all with regards to all other proposals of the European Green Deal which will weigh itself in a complex and contradictory way for farmers. We must not forget that alongside the CAP, we will have tomorrow the Farm-to-Fork strategy, the biodiversity strategy, the targets on climate neutrality and the taxonomy which will have to be reflected in our future and existing trade agreements.  


On Monday, the agriculture ministers will discuss this agreement in Luxembourg. As always, the devil is in the detail and many contentious points will be discussed in technical deliberations! We therefore reserve our detailed reaction on the agreement reached after this new stage. 


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