UNFSS – Forward-looking commitments must acknowledge the central role of farmers and producers

The United Nations Food Systems Summit kicked off today in New York, marking a key moment in defining the commitments of countries and stakeholders for the future of our food systems. While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the main event of the Summit to an online exchange, the preparation has taken months. Copa and Cogeca, together with other farmers and producer representatives, has contributed to the preparatory works, aiming for the voice of European farmers and cooperatives to be well reflected in some of the key debates and outcomes.


Together with a series of other producer organisations', Copa and Cogeca signed a joint declaration, aiming to communicate key commitments and demands of the group to national governments and UN representatives. The joint declaration underlines the commitment of primary producers to continue their efforts in producing enough nutritious food for a growing population while improving the sustainability of their production. They also commit to working hard to preserve habitats while contributing to social vitality and job creation in rural areas. To do so, primary producers call on Member States and other stakeholders to reward their efforts to produce food while respecting planetary boundaries and biodiversity. Crucially, they also call on them to provide producers with an easy access to the technologies, the knowledge and the financial resources necessary to achieve those objectives. In addition, Members States and international institutions must also acknowledge the central role of producers to further any change of/in our food systems and the need to actively collaborate with them in the formulation of policies related to food.



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