The European Parliament recognises the urgent need for EU action on food security
The European Parliament recognises the urgent need for EU action on food security

Copa and Cogeca welcome the Joint Motion for Resolution adopted today by a large majority in the European Parliament on the need for an urgent EU action plan to ensure food security inside and outside the EU in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This motion follows and aligns with the Versailles Declaration by the Council of Ministers and the Communication issued yesterday by the European Commission.

It is reassuring to see many political parties coming together on the crucial topic of food security, especially given the impact of the current crisis caused by the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As the motion rightfully acknowledges, food security does not only mean the availability of food supplies but also affordability which affects the low-income part of society the most. As an important international player, the European Union has the responsibility of ensuring food security in times of crisis, both inside and outside of the EU and aid those in need by means of internal production and by deploying humanitarian and financial support.

Equally relevant is the call for all efforts to safeguard the upcoming sowing and production season in Ukraine, to which Copa and Cogeca members are ready to assist in collaboration with its Ukrainian partner organisation UNAF.

European farmers and agri-cooperatives welcome the call for urgent temporary measures to step up EU production for the 2022 harvesting season in order to contribute to EU food security and the particular attention put on the dire situation EU farmers are facing due to the steep rise in fertiliser and energy prices.

Copa and Cogeca appreciate the swift and efficient work of the Members of the Parliament on this resolution, as well as their dedication to reinforcing European strategic autonomy in food and feed in line with the Green Deal objectives.

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