Transformative actions to address new challenges

The General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), is organizing MedFish4Ever - a major event for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture - in collaboration with the European Union and hosted by the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights of Malta


It follows the conference held in Morocco in 2019 and, five years away from reaching the targets set by the Malta MedFish4Ever Declaration,  it aims to take stock of the progress made and inspire new ambitions towards sustainable Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries and aquaculture. 


The GFCM High-level conference on MedFish4Ever initiatives: Transformative actions to address new challenges  will open on 3 October 2023 with multidisciplinary expert panels exploring the challenges faced and potential solutions as we look to the future. These will be followed, on the second day, by a high-level segment where ministers and their representatives will announce how they intend to accelerate their commitments towards delivering on their sustainability pledges and defining the future outlook, means, and opportunities for this important sector. 



Regional ministers and high-level representatives from Albania, Algeria*, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt*, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Malta, Montenegro, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia and Türkiye. *To be confirmed



As we are faced with unprecedented challenges for fisheries management and aquaculture development in the region, particularly after recent crises which have called for increased adaptability, there is a need to assume the responsibilities towards marine living resources and coastal communities and act on the required transformations to secure the sustainability and the resilience of the sector, so that it can remain a pillar for livelihoods and food production.


Other events are also planned to be held in parallel with the conference, including:




The conference will offer the opportunity to recognize outstanding innovative practices in the fields of fishing technology, aquaculture, and the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing .


The main objective of the MedFish4Ever awards is to promote innovation and creativity as drivers of sustainability in the fisheries and aquaculture sector.

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3-4 October



*The conference will be held in presence at the Hilton Malta, St Julian's on 3 October while the high-level segment on 4 October will be held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta.

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