On European Forestry Strategy

The European Forestry Strategy published today by the European Commission leaves many EU foresters and forest owners wondering whether the real needs of the sector and their realities on the ground have been completely disregarded. This is only two weeks after the release of the long-term vision for the EU's rural areas that emphasized the need to better listen to rural communities!


"Wesimplyexpected more coherence from the European Commission vis-à-vis the future of our forestry sector.Faced with climate change in particular, the reality is that we need more forest management, moremeans,and tools and not the opposite.It neglects to addressand include as priority some basic instruments for sustainable forest managementlike investments, access to new technologiesand adds a lot of uncertainties to the current system including voluntary certification schemes.Onbioeconomy, this strategy has aclearfocuson risks rather thanonopportunitiesand promotesone fit all solutionslikethecascadingprinciple, ofwhich theCommission itself pointedout the limits. This strategyperfectly illustrates the existing gap between Brussels policy designers and the needs of forest owners on the ground and in addition, it ignores the European Parliament and Council's opinions in regards to the future of our forests. We must avoid this Strategy turning into a tragedy for rural communities that work and depend on forestry activities." underlined Pekka Pesonen, Copa and Cogeca Secretary General.

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